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Event Speaking

Keynote | PANELIST | roundtable expert

Are you looking for an authentic and pleasant yet powerful speaker to cover personal finance topics at your next event? Sophia Melonē provides keynote presentations on debt elimination and leaves the audience inspired to take action on their personal finances.

Leading with sharing the personal testimonies of her financial truths, Sophia shares robust information on how to navigate the journey toward debt freedom and the specific tactics that will catapult ones distances to the finish line of financial prosperity.

With expert knowledge derived through hands-on experience and in-depth teachings on Financial Education, Sophia serves as no better speaker, panelist or roundtable expert to support your upcoming event.

Love M.E.E., LLC’ s B.F.F. Experience 2018 | Finance Panelist

Love M.E.E., LLC’s B.F.F. Experience 2018 | Finance Panelist

MJB Holistic Hair Care ’s 2019 Vision Board Party | Financial Workshop Presenter

MJB Holistic Hair Care’s 2019 Vision Board Party | Financial Workshop Presenter


Instructor-Led Facilitation

virtual training | live training | workshop session

Sophia Melonē™️ loves to teach in all atmospheres and platforms, especially in a live room. Delivering informative and impactful trainings and workshops are essential in order to address the lack of financial literacy within households across the globe. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Sophia has the credentials to teach your audience about effective money management and foundational wealth building principles. Do you want to be a part of the change by hosting a workshop or training?

Be an active learner by participating in our personally hosted training events OR become a source to provide that access to your community and following by outsourcing Sophia Melonē to lead a financial literacy training or workshop in your area.

Financial Coaching

money management | debt elimination | wealth building

SMASH Debt, Inc. is the driving force behind the instrument of financial success in the Sophia Melonē™️ financial community. The programs, tools, and resources offered are all geared for households to SMASH Debt in order to Build Wealth.

Through Financial Coaching, you can work directly with The Debt Demolisher®️ to receive the STRATEGY and ACCOUNTABILITY to lead you into financial abundance.

You will decide in which direction you are willing to go to begin your journey of financial transformation. Choose your path to financial freedom: starting with debt elimination, cash development, and then wealth creation. But the signature service offered by SMASH Debt®️ helps you build the discipline necessary to start saving money and create time efficiency not only in your finances, but in your life overall.

Kel-Star Consulting ’s Women’s Wealth and Financial Empowerment Summit 2018

Kel-Star Consulting’s Women’s Wealth and Financial Empowerment Summit 2018


The content was really well explained, all questions were answered thoroughly, the entire event was accentuated in a very positive and engaging way by the beautiful smile that our presenter wore throughout the evening! My father always said you would never have a bad meeting or be able to say no to someone who is always smiling ... and he was a Nigerian business man! This workshop will benefit me because I intend to attend the Quarterly Review session that I hope Sophia conducts as a follow-on to this workshop. The six ladies in attendance all committed to attending the quarterly review as a follow-on and accountability for what we learned and how our lives were going to change financially. (Reminds me ... I have to send Sophia my pledge). Thanks so much for this wealth of information, Sophia! I look forward to working with you in the very near future starting with the Quarterly Review.