“Hi there and welcome to the sweet space of financial encouragement and possibility! You may be wondering, “What’s her story and why is she called The Debt Demolisher®️?” Well, here is my truth and the essence of my credentials. At one point in my life, I was consumed with over $300K of debt and honestly was OK with making the minimum payments each month…just as long as I could afford to. Growing up in my household, debt was normal and saving was not an enforced discussion. That all changed in January 2016 when I woke up and decided to embark on my debt freedom journey. It was the best decision I could have ever made, not only for myself and my future, but for households across the globe.

I realized many struggle with implementing tools around finances, debt management, and wealth building. Let’s be completely honest’s tough to achieve financial success when you don’t have the blueprint or support to get you to the finish line; and that’s where I come in to bridge the gap…Teaching Financial Literacy through workshop facilitations, speaking platforms, and super engaged intimate coaching to help you overcome your financial woes once and for all AND help you cultivate a healthy relationship with your money (regardless of your salary)!

Remember…Your Financial Prosperity Awaits You!” - Sophia Melonē™️

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Backed with Purpose

Sophia Melonē™️ (pronounced Meh-lo-nie), the Debt Demolisher®️, is a Financial Literacy Advocate/Financial Prosperity Coach who offers seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching to deliver the blueprint to debt freedom and financial abundance. She is extremely dedicated to the success of families, communities, entrepreneurs, and businesses across the world. Her movement to make Debt Freedom the new norm and Wealth Building the natural nature of habit has pushed Sophia into her purpose of sharing the endless possibilities of financial abundance.

After single-handedly paying off over $83K of debt in 21 months while being a caregiver, Sophia launched her business, SMASH Debt®, to help people strategize on how to get out of debt, start building wealth, and be leaders in their financial house. She has many success stories with her clients who have overcome severe anxiety around their finances, paid off debt in record time, drastically improved their credit score, and started building a financial cushion they never thought could be possible.

To share the importance of financial independence and make it available to the masses in a comprehensive manner, Sophia Melonē™️ created her YouTube channel as a FREE resource for individuals (and business owners) who may not have the financial ability to obtain access to life changing financial tools through paid 1:1 coaching.



I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sophia. The energy, expertise and level of professionalism she brings to the table are amazing! She is truly a role model and make me want to smash this debt because now I know it's possible.

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Desire to Serve


Sophia Melonē™️ wants nothing more than to see the financial anxieties of those who work so hard (day-in and day-out) be completely diminished. THERE IS A DRASTIC NEED TO RESOLVE FINANCIAL DISTRESS. Sophia’s mission is to aid in that effort by addressing the Financial Literacy epidemic and providing actionable resources and support to those who are willing to receive it. Sophia’s passion to inform households worldwide on the importance of having healthy money conversations runs deep because she knows the impact of what NOT having these conversations can manifest. Not only did Sophia experience the hardship of financial stress, but so did her mother…so did her friends…so does so many others! To change her story, she decided to do something different; something that would not only impact her life positively, but also positively impact the lives of OTHERS! This is the core essence of the Sophia Melonē brand and movement.


With an emphasis on Inspiration transformed into Action, Sophia embodies the energy of affluent and abundant financial possibilities. Her desire to stimulate her listener’s movement into action is what ignites Sophia to deliver her message in such a non-judgmental, inviting, and positive way. Sophia commits to delivering Financial Prosperity Tips as a means to shed an impactful yet inspirational light on the message of healthy personal finances. Changing the way people feel about their financial situation by instilling HOPE is one of the core desires of The Debt Demolisher®️ brand and movement.


Sophia Melonē™️ is a natural giver at heart and loves to SERVE and TEACH. But what brings her the most joy is seeing the mindset shift occur within her clients as she helps them leap toward their financial prosperity. She is a FINANCIAL POWERHOUSE who is excited and passionate about teaching all classes of human kind to spend more fiscally responsibly, build wealth, and become financially free. Sophia Melonē has the blueprint to a healthy financial relationship (financial prosperity) and serves individuals with the strategy and accountability they need to get them the ultimate financial freedom they desire and deserve.

Sophia is a parallel-preneur running her SMASH Debt® business while working in a supervisory role at her 9-5. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, an MBA in Financial Management, and has over 13 years of experience in the accounting field. To date, Sophia has DEMOLISHED over $182K of debt within 3 1/2 years while being a caregiver and managing two households.

Needless to say, Sophia Melonē™️ is the Strategist everyone needs to overcome and defeat debt in order to thrive into Financial Prosperity.


Title: the debt demolisher™️
2016 – present

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2017 - present

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2018 – present

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I have been working with Sophia for the last five months to decrease my debt. Currently, I have paid off $15,370.25 (and counting). In this time, I have also shifted my focus to being more strategic on how I spend my funds. My "WHY" for doing this has shifted several times, but overall it remains the fact that I want financial freedom well before I am in my retirement age years. I am beyond grateful and excited for the work ahead. She is the REAL deal and definitely a great financial resource and gem!

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