Why Your Financial Truth Matters

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The truth is this...we all have shames and experiences that we would like to forget when it comes to our personal finances. The power in that shame, however, is in the acceptance, acknowledgment, and confrontation of it. This month's blog post is to encourage you to embrace the truths of your financial life as it stands today. Many times we tend to be ashamed of our financial situation, when in hindsight, it is meant to help us grow as individuals. Your financial state now (whether good or bad) may not be your financial state tomorrow. It all depends on what you decide and how you proceed with actions.

Uncovering your financial truths allows you to view your financial picture at a glance. It is an opportunity for you to identify the patterns you dislike and the patterns you would like to continue. Take the time to evaluate your current situation. Do you have enough reserve in the bank? Are you current and up-to-date on all of your bills for the month? Do you have a debt reduction strategy in place? What experiences from your childhood are you bringing into your finances today?

When reflecting on the answers to these questions, it may spark a bit of discomfort or even dissatisfaction. Allow the discomfort to present itself and settle in by acknowledging the feeling behind your dissatisfaction and discomfort. This is an important step in the process because you are allowing yourself to take the avoidance off the table. I always stress to my clients and social media following to face the reality of their situation. Don't run from the truth...your truth! When you face your truth, acknowledge the shame, tackle your pain, and embrace the facts, you will ultimately set yourself up for transformational action in strides toward your desires.

Face the reality of your situation. Don't run from the truth...your financial truth!

Now that you have embraced your financial truths, it's time to consider the financial life you truly want going forward. As you reflect on the financial life you desire, think about the actions that are necessary for that life to come into fruition. What do you want or need to change in order to move the needle in your financial position? How will you begin to implement that change? What support do you need? What resources are required? How will you strategize for success in meeting that mark? Great questions, right!

Lastly, I want to encourage you to journal this process. Journaling does more than you can image! Take the time to physically write your thoughts and responses to the above questions as you move through the process of embracing your financial truth. Your truth is part of your storyline for a reason. Accept it through writing (be open and honest about it). Stand on it by tuning into to your feelings about it. Transform it into the stepping stones of your future financial truths. Embody the change you want to see in your finances. The starting journey of your financial truth is not a hinderance opportunity for you to complain or wallow in self-pity. Instead, it is a pivotal hurdle for YOU to overcome so that YOU can later help someone else cross!

Leave a comment below to let me know which financial truth you have embraced and have decided to release in order to step into your new future financial truth.

Remember...Your Financial Prosperity Awaits You! 

Sophia Melonē™️, The Debt Demolisher®️ | www.sophiamelone.com


Sophia Melonē™️ is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Personal Finance Speaker, Facilitator, and Financial Prosperity Coach/Advocate who is extremely dedicated to the financial success of families and households across the globe. Her mission is to make debt freedom the New Norm and Wealth Building the natural nature of habit. Sophia is the founder of SMASH Debt, Inc., which is a woman-owned small business corporation that emphasizes leadership in the personal finances of households. Through the facilitation services and coaching programs offered by SMASH Debt®️, Sophia helps individuals cultivate healthy relationships with their money and shows six-figure income earners how to get their bank account to match their salary and sustain it. Visit www.smashdebtinc.com for more information. #SophiaMelonē™️ #TheDebtDemolisher®️