How to Transition Your Mindset from More Money, More Debt to More Money, More Wealth

Many times I hear people complain that they don't make enough money to live the life they truly want to live. Or most times I hear, "I don't make as much as you; so you can pay off astronomical amounts of debt in a short amount of time like that." Well my response to that statement is, "I beg to differ." 

It is NOT about how much money you are making. Instead it is about what YOU are doing with the money you make. Something to think about, right? So let's think about it. 

The average person has the mentality of thinking, if I made more money I would be fine. However, when the average person makes more money, they typically acquire more "stuff." You know the saying, "More money. More Problems." Well instead I would like to equate that to "More MoneyMore Debt!" As soon as financial increase comes into our lives, most times the first thing we think of is "What else can I buy?" Financial increase tends to lead to more financial consumption. If you get a significant pay raise, all of a sudden you want a new car. If you get a decent pay raise, all of a sudden you want to splurge on new wardrobe attire. If you get a little pay raise, all of a sudden you want to buy a new phone or eat out.

It's time we move away FROM that mindset of increasing debt as a result of increased income TO scaling back and cutting cost even as income increases in order to build wealth. If you took every source of increase you received and applied those funds to savings or debt repayment efforts (after tithing of course), you would have more than enough to survive in this world. The point of this conversation is to live below your means. Don't purchase with the intention of only considering how much in monthly payments you can afford. Think long-term of how much the purchase today is actually going to cost you overtime. Be willing to sacrifice your wants temporarily for now to achieve the greater good in the end (whatever that is to you). This goes back to my prior article post when I stated, "Make temporary sacrifices for the long-term gain."

I challenge you to evaluate your mindset and consumption habits. Take it one day at a time and you will get there. A few months ago, I published a special YouTube episode specifically on Shifting Your Mindset from Debt to Wealth (click here to watch). If you need help or would like to discuss your personal pain-points further, contact me so we can schedule a consultation session to help you re-gain control over your finances. I absolutely love serving individuals in this area, so I make myself available to sow into you.

Remember...Your Financial Prosperity Awaits You!

Sophia Melonē™️, The Debt Demolisher®️


Sophia Melonē™️ is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Personal Finance Speaker, Facilitator, and Financial Prosperity Coach/Advocate who is extremely dedicated to the financial success of families and households across the globe. Her mission is to make debt freedom the New Norm and Wealth Building the natural nature of habit. Sophia is the founder of SMASH Debt, Inc., which is a woman-owned small business corporation that emphasizes leadership in the personal finances of households. Through the facilitation services and coaching programs offered by SMASH Debt®️, Sophia helps individuals cultivate healthy relationships with their money and shows six-figure income earners how to get their bank account to match their salary and sustain it. Visit for more information.  #SophiaMelonē™️  #TheDebtDemolisher®️