How to Take Your FICO®️ Credit Score to 800+

Sophia Melonē’s highest FICO®️ Credit Score

Sophia Melonē’s highest FICO®️ Credit Score

As much as I am dedicated to my journey toward debt freedom and desperately aim for absolutely no debt, I cannot help but state how important credit is in this day and age. Our credit score tells a lot about us (in most cases) and also determines how much advantage we have as a consumer. Your credit is ran for just about everything: 1) Employment; 2) Housing (Rent/Own); 3) Cell Phone; 4) Auto Loan; 5) Credit Cards; 6) Personal Loans; 7) Student Loans; 8) Insurance; and more. If your credit score is not on the side of "Good" and better, there is a higher chance you may get turned down for some of the necessities you need, which credit allows us to consume, OR you will spend a lot more for insurance coverage and when borrowing money.

I have been monitoring my credit for many, many years now, but the score you see in the image above (847) is my highest score within the last few months! It is imperative that I state this - since I embarked on my debt-freedom journey and started paying down my debt (which started in January 2016), my credit score started to increase beyond 700. It is amazing how a change in habit (positive habit that is) can change your credit score for the better!

Yes, the ultimate goal is to have NO DEBT; however, I understand there are people who really need credit based on their wants, needs, desires and current situations. If you have less than perfect credit and your credit score is preventing you from getting a decent job, purchasing a home, or getting lower interest rates on loans for your car, credit card, personal loan, insurance rates, rental rate, home loan, etc., here is where I recommend you start. Review your credit report periodically. I always tell my clients this, "You can't know how to start if you don't know where to start." It is so important to review your credit report for accuracy because there could be inaccurate items (debts, inquiries, or delinquencies) on your report that is negatively impacting your credit score, and it may not even be rightfully yours. If you are not aware, then you cannot dispute!

In addition to reviewing your credit report periodically, it is imperative to understand the components impacting your credit score so you can know how to improve it. Your credit score is comprised of the following elements:

  • 35% - Payment History (Are you making your payments on debts, utilities, and insurance on time?)

  • 30% - Utilization (How much do you currently owe in comparison to your original loan amount or established credit limit?)

  • 15% - Length of History (How long have you had an account open?)

  • 10% - Credit Inquiries (How many times in a year have you applied for new debt?)

  • 10% - Credit Mix (What types of debt accounts do you have? Student Loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages?)

Once you have an understanding of the components, you should then compare your credit report to each element by asking yourself the noted questions above to identify where you need to improve. If (1) your payments are constantly late 30 days or more; (2) your loan balances or credit card balances are greater than 30% of the original loan amount or credit limit; (3) you have very few or no open debt accounts with a history of less than 6 months; (4) you are applying for new credit more than once in less than one year; and/or (5) you have only one debt account type, these will have a significantly negative impact on your credit score.

It is very important to pay close attention to the credit score components that account for the highest percentages. To improve your credit score the fastest, focus on making payments on your debts, utilities, etc. on time AND keeping your utilization rates below 30% (ideally 10%-15%, if zero percent utilization is not feasible for you to obtain by the time your creditors report your balances to the credit bureaus).

There are awesome services available that help people like you and I restore our credit and also protect it. Identity theft is real and prevalent so we are all potentially at risk. Everyone should have some type of financial services platform in place to not only protect your identity, but to properly prepare for now and the future, and your future's future! Credit monitoring services are available through various companies at affordable rates, sometimes even through subsidiaries affiliated with your banking institution. If investing in a credit monitoring services program is something you cannot afford to include in your budget at this time, take advantage of any free resources that are available. You are allowed one free credit report from all three credit bureaus once a year by visiting, so you can request your free credit report today if you have not done so already this year. Most banking institutions allow you to view your credit score for FREE on a monthly basis if you have an account with them. If you are trying to get out of debt but need help strategizing a plan of attack, you have me at your leisure as a resource. I love helping people with credit, budgeting and debt-payoff strategies. So needless to say, there are no excuses. Schedule your Connection Call with me today.

A MUST REGISTER - If you are student by nature and ready to learn in a LIVE setting How to Take Your Credit Score to 800, join me as I host a 2-hour virtual workshop where I discuss the credit score components in detail and share some very key actionable steps you can perform to improve your credit score. With an emphasis on education, this workshop will give you the blueprint to assess your personal situation to ensure you know how to maintain your FICO®️ credit score once you get it to 750+ after implementing my teachings. Register while spaces are still available at Will I see you in the room?? Leave a comment below if you are ready to take your credit score to new heights.

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Sophia Melonē™️ is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Personal Finance Speaker, Facilitator, and Financial Prosperity Coach/Advocate who is extremely dedicated to the financial success of families and households across the globe. Her mission is to make debt freedom the New Norm and Wealth Building the natural nature of habit. Sophia is the founder of SMASH Debt, Inc., which is a woman-owned small business corporation that emphasizes leadership in the personal finances of households. Through the facilitation services and coaching programs offered by SMASH Debt®️, Sophia helps individuals cultivate healthy relationships with their money and shows six-figure income earners how to get their bank account to match their salary and sustain it. Visit for more information.  #SophiaMelonē™️  #TheDebtDemolisher™️